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  • Annegien van Doorn

    Event report

    By Annegien van Doorn

    Just returned from a residency and helpfully creating a report on 1000 Photos Amsterdam, the Grand Finale on 16 June 2013, Melkweg Galerie.


  • Dimitri Valentijn

    Dimitri Valentijn

    Results of the installation

    A special on site shoot with Dimitri Valentijn, who's making a name with his layered compositions juxtaposing past and present. Even with the limited time available per person this produced amazing results with intimate personal reflection in stories of their own making.

    See results

  • Report by AmsterSam

    Photo & Video

    Sam, known for his AmsterSam reflection photography, shot photos and footage of the event itself.

    Video part 2 | Video part 1 | Photos

  • Young In Prison Shoot

    Red YiPArt dresses

    Red vixens to explain all and everything there is to know about Stichting Young in Prison, and capturing visitors with pics, I mean, capturing pics with visitors.


  • 1000 Photos Inside/Outside Story

    Big Print Selection

    A selection of eight photos matching the theme Inside/Outside chosen by Peter Bas Mensink (GUP) with rationale. Selected photographers were An Sofie Kesteleyn, Ivo van der Bent, Diederik de Groot, Parnian Moharrami, Kiril Dimitrov, Paul Buijs, Sanne Kabalt and Anne van Paridon (shown).

    Inside/Outside Story

  • Serial Memento

    Five photographers in series

    Five photographers in a series were asked to participate in this experimental series, to uncover the thought processes of maker versus interpreter of another maker. Participating photographers : Anouck Wolf, Pieter van Wynsberge, Annelien Sinke, Maarten Kools, Merel Verspuij.

    Photo series


1000 Photos Amsterdam

Grand Finale, expo/sale/party

✪ INSIDE/OUTSIDE STORY - Revealing the big print editions selected by Peter Bas Mensink (GUP) from photos donated until 9 June.

✪ PHOTO EXPO & SALE FOR CHARITY - The grand finale collection of all contributed photos are for sale for 10 EUR only (the first photo is included in the entrance fee)! Remember, this is a donation to charity!
FB Event page

✪ DENNIS DUIJNHOUWER (DJ) - Tantalizing music from a photographer who loves music, with Wasted Years of Pumping Iron. | Facebook WYPI

✪ DIMITRI VALENTIJN // Live shoot - Mixing photos with personal memories with present articles, surfaces and faces, the special technique by Dimitri Valentijn!

✪ TICKETS - Entrance + 1 FREE photo + donation to charity. All photos for sale at the Grand Finale, and profits are donated to Young In Prison.


☛ First Come, First Served!
☛ Once Claimed, Always Claimed
☛ Remember 10 EUR is a symbolic fee above all!

Please thank the photographer any way you can (post online, mail a thanks, commission more work, spread their name)!

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