1000 Photos is a DIY-exhibition of 15×20 cm photos donated by professional and amateur contributors. The works of well-known artists, students, aspiring photographers, old and young are sold in order to raise funds for the Eye Care Foundation. This years theme: Before/After.

How does 1000 Photos work?

We collect photos on 15×20 cm by professionals and amateurs:

  • Snap a photo with your interpretation of this years theme Before/After
  • Bring or send your print to us (see below)
  • We’ll put together a dazzling 1000 Photos Expo/Sale/Party with all the collected photos
  • All photos are on sale for 10 EUR during the Expo/Sale/Party
  • Your first photo purchase is included in the entrance fee for the 1000 Photos Expo/Sale/Party on 18 September!

Tickets will be on sale asap.

1000 Photos Amsterdam – Expo/Sale/Party

On Friday 18 September from 20-23h, all donated photos will be sold in an exciting event full of surprising activities and performances. The first photo purchase is included with the entrance fee. You can claim as many photos as you like: additional photos are sold for 10 EUR each. The proceeds will go to this years charity: the Eye Care Foundation. You can claim your photo between 20-22h on a first come, first served basis, and collect your purchased photo(s) between 22-23h.

Big Print Selection

May Putman Cramer (New Dawn) curates a selection from the contributions. Her selection will be based on the merits of photographic quality and on the representation for the theme Before/After. Submit your photos until 10 August to apply for selection. Visit the Kickoff event (28 August) for the reveal of the Big Print Selection, or visit Pakhuis de Zwijger until 30 September where they are on show in their expo. You can submit photos until Friday 18 September for the main event.

1000 Photos and selected charity

The Eye Care Foundation aims to prevent and cure avoidable blindness and visual impairment in developing countries. The main focus of the Eye Care Foundation is on setting up sustainable eye care in her projects in Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Tanzania and to assist the poorest people for whom medical care is inaccessible or unaffordable.